Ria Pacquée invites

Ria Pacquée invites

Summer performances in the Middelheim Museum

As part of her exhibition, They are looking at us, we are looking at them Ria Pacquée is inviting guests to a summer performance programme in the Middelheim Museum: Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Suchan Kinoshita, Tsubasa Hori, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and Minja Gu. The artists share a similar mentality in their search for connections but their work is highly individualistic and hyper-personal, and therefore very different. Ria Pacquée allows her guests complete freedom in developing their performance, its duration, and the choice of location in the Middelheim Museum.

Every Sunday during the exhibition (25.05-22.09.2018)
At 10:00 am, in the courtyard


Le Tag/200m, 2017 (Deadline Middelheim 2019)

At the request of Ria Pacquée, Joëlle Tuerlinckx reactivates Le Tag/200m, the work she created for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017. The 200-metre whitewashed straight line will be pulled once again as a ritual activity by a museum employee every week (see artist statement in attachment). The line is long: walking consciously along the entire 200-
meter line activates the visitor’s body, like a performance artist does during an action. The line connects and divides, makes the length and surface of the plot visible and tangible, and lets us look differently at the sculptures nearby. (Border) lines are not only basic principles in the visual arts, they also belong to the basic vocabulary of the public space, on roads and sports fields for example, where they are used to steer and control human behaviour.

Every Sunday in July and August
At 2.00 pm, departure at castle

Ria Pacquée invites four female artists, that embody the encounter between East and West by their origin, journey and/or work: they were born in the East, but have a clear connection to the West. The opposite is true for Pacquée: Antwerp is her home, but her travels regularly take her to the East, often for extended periods.


Platzhalter, 2019

Kinoshita often combines the process-related aspects of theatre and music with the more static nature of the visual arts. For this performance, she starts from the idea of the Platzhalter. The different phases in the creation process of a work of art have artistic potential for her as well: they are “place holders” for all kinds of possible stories.



Kaze Yomi  風読み , 2019

Hori has been playing traditional Japanese Taiko drums for years. Her music performances are very physical due to the large instruments, and improvisation is a major part of the performance. Now she is performing in the open air for the first time: her music is looking for a unique connection between humans and nature. 



Dragon Doll, 2019

With self-created music and costumes, Rasmussen draws us into a new performance in which she questions human relationships within the large system that we call society.  Dragon Doll fits in with a series of works on national identity, a theme that often plays a major role in the work of the Danish-Filipino artist.


MINJA GU (KOR, 1977)

Untitled, 2019

Gu creates works that are very close to everyday life - the consumption of food for example. Her oeuvre often originates from a residence in another city, and she will therefore reside in Antwerp temporarily for this performance. In this new work, she emerges as a performer who, from her fascination with food, not only transcends the idea of cultural boundaries, but also seeks out an interaction with the audience.



Performance program as part of of the exhibition Ria Pacquée. They are looking at us, we are looking at them (25.05-22.09.2019)

Short_bios.pdf 106 KB JoelleTuerlinckx_ArtistStatement_EN.pdf 3 MB


Practical information

Duration of the performances is variable
Entry: free

Middelheim Museum
Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerp


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